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The Real ABC's: Always Be...

The ABC’s of selling are well known and often referenced. Always be closing. Execution of a sale is what sales people live for. But, it isn’t perfect. It can be short sighted and only applicable to one aspect of the sales process instead of encompassing something more. Of course there is validity to that form of ABC , however, I think the version I am going to talk about is much more important for not just sales, but leadership, learning and self-improvement as a whole.

The revamped, and in my opinion, improved ABC is Always Be Capturing

So how does one go about “capturing” and what is it that you would be trying to “capture”?

One of the best ways to gain an edge in any industry or setting is to continually learn and improve.

How do you capture new information? Read. Read books, magazines, newspapers, online articles your company’s annual report, sales data or your colleague bio’s. Take it a step further. Read the room. Read people. Read the situation. If you are capturing information about what’s happening in front of you then you are in control. You can adjust, react and adapt to the situation at hand and be the person that is looked at for inspiration, information and leadership.

Ask questions. One of the best ways to capture new information is to have an insatiable curiosity. Ask questions, ask “how come”, ask why 5 times, prepare open ended questions for any possible situation and store them in your phone. If you are learning more about people, organizations, your direct reports, clients or whoever it may be – you have the ability to influence and drive the future interactions and conversations. But just as importantly, you’ve also made everyone feel important.

Listen. Listen to podcasts, audio books, TED Talks, YouTube video’s, your mentors, your idol, your friends, the people you respect and your direct reports. Make it a priority.

Keeping this simple concept in the back of your mind when you have spare time to read for 15 minutes, to ask that 2nd or 3rd question when you think you might be annoying is what gives professionals the edge over time. This information compounds and grows. When thinking in an integrative manner you can combine what you are reading and what you are seeing in your current situation and determine better outcomes.

At the end of the day – Always Be Capturing.

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