• Shane Thomas

The 10% Rule for Professional Development

Enhancing ones skills to be more capable in professional settings is a desire of many, but too often we do not set up a structured framework for constant progress.

Some take experience as it comes at them, some take opportunities if they are convenient & some show effort for short bursts of time.

None of these are a recipe for prolonged growth.

Just like our muscles need to be consistently pushed & worked to be healthy; our minds need to be consistently stretched to grow.

A framework I use is The 10% Rule to help accelerate my individual progress.

3% of annual income + 7% of my time devoted to learning, networking & getting outside my comfort zone.

Easy math:

Someone with $75K/yr salary would invest $2,250 in themselves through books, courses etc.

168 hrs/wk x 7% = 12 hrs/week.

12 hrs/week devoted to reading books, going to courses etc that the 3% expenditure bought to ensure a consistent focus on developing.

This framework ensures consistent investment in oneself.

Not everyone can afford that sort of investment/time, but determine what works for you & will consistently allow you to progress. Try a 5% rule: 1% of income & 4% of time.

The point is consistency & holding oneself accountable for it weekly, monthly or quarterly.

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