Shane is an experienced agri-business professional with a passion for agronomy. Shane’s passion for the agriculture industry doesn’t stop at agronomy though - with experience in ag retail, sales, marketing, ag technology and business strategy his skillset gives him a well-rounded perspective and vision for the future of the agriculture industry.


Engage. Empower. Enhance. Enable…

Farmers and agri-business professionals to achieve more.


Shane started out as an agronomist in Saskatchewan and Alberta optimizing farmers decisions to achieve higher yields and profits. He then advanced to become a senior agronomist, training agronomists and ag retail sales staff on the fundamentals of crop production and progressive agronomic practices. With a drive to take on new challenges, Shane seized the opportunity to oversee the marketing and distribution functions for a large ag-retail across the prairies that involved developing go-to-market strategies, streamlining logistical processes and championing ag-tech initiatives.

What has made Shane successful is the ability to approach the different areas of agriculture with an open mind and a dynamic ability to integrate them all together. Taking concepts from science, statistics, psychology, economics and more, he endeavours to enhance the way we approach agronomy and agri-business and contribute positively to the rapidly changing industry.